Social Terrain

An article in the Financial Times of 16 June 2016 on impact investment quoted the firm Bridges Ventures, saying that: “We try to select businesses where, if they are having impact, it drives more commercial returns, and if they have more commercial returns it drives more impact.”

Specific initiatives we can point to

  • Training in evaluation and investment

  • A participatory digital platform for impact assessment

  • Labour risk management

  • Responsible tourism

  • The Phoenix network of peace researchers and practitioners

We also carry out consultancy work evaluating aid initiatives, assessing impact, and facilitating stakeholder engagement. We host a specialist evaluation network, and publish and teach on these issues, with an emerging focus on how theymatter for impact investment. UN Evaluation Report, Peacebuilding in Nepal and Civil Society In Finland.

Our current projects include our four independent initiatives that use innovative financing models:

Ethical recruitment

We are negotiating with a workforce solutions company which has developed a proven process in both source and destination countries. This enables it to recruit, train, mobilise, and manage workers to a high ethical and quality standard. Social Terrain is committed to obtaining investment to fund the client's expansion; provide external relations functions and marketing, particularly for impact investment; and to designing and operating the Monitoring and Evaluation function, to ensure that evidence of social impact is demonstrated to all stakeholders.

Sirius Transport Risk Report


Social Impact Asset Management (SIAM) is a new approach which considers social change as a value to be served by good stewardship of resources. Our knowledge of the aid community as well as of impact investment shows us that the accessibility and comparability of evidence on performance is currently very limited. We aim to create a more interactive management of information that reinforces the ability to help: thanks to good information on impact, and on rates of return, more resources can be mobilised. Our objective is to contribute to better evidence through training, research networks, and a new software. We are part of the global drive for transparency.

Responsible tourism

A local travel company in Kyrgyzstan has been offering community-based tourism for customers keen to discover the outstanding natural beauty of the country. We propose to expand this service, and target the luxury market segment.
We operate on the premise that responsible tourism can be comfortable, even when it takes place in unspoilt environments, which require personal adaptation. The tourists work closely with local populations, and are looking to help improve local conditions and provide assistance to vulnerable groups in ways that reflect local priorities and protect local culture.

Unum Presentation

Social risk reduction

Large scale projects in engineering and natural resources create substantial risks for communities, as well as new opportunities for sustainable development. Carefully managed, these can translate into non-technical risk and shared value for companies and investors. Social Terrain will obtain impact investor funding for initiatives to resolve chronic challenges such as population influx and voluntary displacement, ensuring free prior and informed consent, developing local content, or managing resources at risk such as water or land. These initiatives will be paid for by the project owners based on calculations of reductions in non-productive time, or gains against their own priorities such as health and safety.